La Petite Abielle

My idea of a great afternoon is spending it perusing shops, admiring a variety of home decor, and imagining the objects in my home or in someone else's space. Since graduate school, I've wanted my own home decor store. I've done lots of homework, and found that getting a shop up and running takes a lot of capital, time and energy. As a working mother of three, a storefront is not realistic for me right now. I have learned that I love to  "research" and by that I mean going to shops to see what they have, and get an idea of what I would want to sell in my shop.

By doing this, I have come across a plethora of items that I'd like to have in my home.  I say "like" to have in my home, as somethings I love, but aren't necessarily right for my family's home right now (because-kids) so I have to be selective on what goes home).  So instead, I dream. When I do find those items though, it's like finding gold!

I  am a girl from the south, and my point of view was built on perusing through Southern Living and Southern Accents, envisioning what I wanted my home to look like. I also have this  nonchalant inner french girl inside (don't we all) that enjoys being surrounded by simple, beautiful objects and decor. She loves Elle Decor or any French fashion or style magazine for that matter.

As much as I love doing "research,"  I  love going shopping with friends. I hope that you come along with me on these shopping trips, and you find something delightful for your home, or just your dreams, amongst the pages.


Busy Bees

William Blake wisely tells us, "The Busy Bee has no time for sorrow."  I have found this to be so true.  Come buzz along with me, where we peruse the shops and only stop to rest and smell the flowers!